I’m excited to announce that for the first time, Mylyn WikiText is now available on Maven Central.

This release enables use of Mylyn WikiText within a normal Maven project; previously Mylyn WikiText could only readily be consumed by downloading the jar files or by resolving dependencies using Tycho.

Now dependencies can be resolved at the following coordinates:


Mylyn WikiText provides several additional components (e.g. for Markdown, AsciiDoc, etc.) which are listed here.

To celebrate the new release I’ve created an examples project on GitHub, which shows how to use Mylyn WikiText in a few different ways:


The examples demonstrate:

  • Mylyn WikiText Java APIs
  • Mylyn WikiText Maven mojo to generate HTML help using a pom
  • Mylyn WikiText Ant tasks from within Maven

From now on Mylyn WikiText releases will provide Maven artifacts from Maven Central, and p2 artifacts for OSGi and Eclipse applications.