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  • Flutter Maps With Vector Tiles

    Flutter is a huge productivity booster except for a few sharp edges, one of which is embedding maps. Maps are commonly added using the google_maps_flutter package, which uses native platform widgets to embed a Google map in your Flutter app. The resulting map looks and behaves beautifully, except when it doesn’t. The platform/Flutter combination is not perfect, and for my use-case isn’t good enough for a prodution app. This post details the issues that I encountered and how I ended... continue

  • Raspberry Pi SSH Setup

    I previously blogged about the Raspberry Pi Development Flow. A key component enabling that development flow is SSH, a tool that will enable you to copy files and run remote commands on the Raspberry Pi. Remote login to a Raspberry Pi Following are the steps that you can take to configure SSH on your new Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t yet got a Raspberry Pi, you’ll need to get one. I purchased mine from CanaKit. I got the starter kit,... continue

  • Raspberry Pi Development Flow

    As part of my grand plan to introduce my kids to programming and having fun while self-isolating, I decided to get into the world of Raspberry PI projects. While reading many of the fantastic project how-tos and tutorials that are available, I didn’t see much out there related to an optimal development flow. Development flow for the Raspberry Pi What is an optimal development flow? To me, it is the setup that enables you to rapidly experiment with changes. The... continue

  • Troubleshooting Android App Crash on Chromebook

    One thing is true for all developers - that is, with wide enough distribution, if a user can do something with your app, they will. If you’re building apps for Android, you will eventually have users running your app on their Chromebook. This is great for those looking for a laptop-like experience with your Android app, but what do you do when your app crashes only on Chromebook? The official ARC developer docs have some great materials on troubleshooting, involving... continue

  • Your Team Might Not Be As Effective As You Think

    I’ve had the privilege of working with highly effective teams for most of my career. In particular, the past 5 years have been incredible, working with the best software developers that I’ve ever known. The kind of teams that books are written about — embracing software craftsmanship, self-organization, agility (small ‘a’), responsibility and continuous improvement. The kind of teams that are principled, that share knowledge freely and deliver high quality software in a repeatable, sustainable fashion. So you can imagine that it... continue

  • Faster Feedback Loop on Code Reviews

    We’ve all seen those projects that start with fast builds. Fast builds that build everything and run all of the tests are a great way to get feedback on your code review, whether it be Travis commenting on your GitHub Pull Request or Jenkins voting on your Gerrit code review. It’s almost inevitable that successful projects end up with growing build times, often to the point where the feedback loop on our changes is out of control. This post is... continue

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