Mylyn WikiText becomes increasingly flexible with its latest addition of XSL-FO to the list of output formats supported by its wiki markup conversion capability. Combined with the excellent Apache FOP project, it becomes easy to produce PDF from your wiki markup.

<-- create XSL-FO -->
<wikitext-to-xslfo markupLanguage="Textile" file="My File.mediawiki"/>

<-- create PDF -->
<exec command="${fop.home}/fop">
<arg value="${basedir}/help/My"/>
<arg value="${basedir}/help/My File.pdf"/>

From a single source you can now produce HTML, Eclipse Help, DocBook, DITA and now XSL-FO and PDF. Wiki markup never looked so good!

If you're interested in trying out this new functionality you'll have to wait until the next weekly release is posted on the Mylyn downloads page.