I'm pleased to announce that Mylyn WikiText 1.0 has been released as part of Mylyn 3.1. Mylyn WikiText provides lightweight markup (wiki) parsing and editing capabilities to the Eclipse platform, Mylyn, Ant and stand-alone applications. Mylyn WikiText is the result of more than a year of development and over 170 bug fixes and enhancements. This marks the first release of WikiText after its move from the Textile-J project. Many thanks to the Mylyn team and the Eclipse community for making this possible. Here are some of the highlights:

Mylyn Task Editor Integration

With WikiText the Mylyn task editor is now markup-aware, providing source formatting, integrated preview, content assist and markup help. The following shows how markup can be authored and previewed in the task editor:

Task Editor Integration

WikiText selects the markup language that best suits your task repository. This is great for users of JIRA, Trac and other repositories that provide support for wiki markup in task descriptions and comments. Users can also benefit from using wiki markup with task repositories such as Bugzilla that don't provide support for wiki markup.

Eclipse Integration

WikiText provides an editor for files containing wiki markup:

WikiText Editor

WikiText provides support for several markup languages, including MediaWiki, Textile, Confluence, TracWiki and TWiki. WikiText also provides an extensible parser framework for adding support for other markup languages.

Ant Integration

Users of Apache Ant now have access to Ant tasks for transforming wiki markup to alternative formats such as HTML, Eclipse Help, DocBook and OASIS DITA.

RCP, SWT and Server Applications

WikiText provides public APIs for integrating wiki markup capabilities into RCP applications and stand-alone SWT applications. These APIs make it easy to display markup and inspect its structure.

WikiText can also be used server-side to transform markup in web applications.

WikiText In The Field

WikiText is being used in many interesting ways:

  • The Mylyn project uses WikiText to convert MediaWiki content from Eclipsepedia to Eclipse Help content.
  • Mylyn WikiText authors help content in Textile and converts it at build time to Ecilpse Help content.
  • A recent addition to the Eclipse Examples project uses WikiText to create slide presentations based on files authored in MediaWiki markup.

Mylyn WikiText will also be presented at EclipseCon 2009 in WikiText: Generate Eclipse Help from Eclipsepedia.

More Information

Mylyn WikiText can be installed using an Eclipse update site or by downloading the standalone jars. See Mylyn downloads for details.

For more information about WikiText, see the Mylyn 3.1 New and Noteworthy, Mylyn FAQ or the Mylyn homepage.