Wiki content has become increasingly popular within the DITA community, as evidenced by the recent announcement of the DITA2Wiki open source project. While most of these projects enable DITA-to-wiki conversions, community interest has been expressed for full-cycle wiki-DITA-wiki transformation capability. Mylyn WikiText hopes to close this loop with the addition of its support for DITA output. Mylyn WikiText can now create OASIS DITA as output from wiki markup.

Mylyn WikiText provides a flexible architecture supporting multiple wiki markup languages. This provides organizations with many options when considering a DITA toolchain, whether it be a one-time conversion of existing wiki assets to DITA, or as an integrated part of a publishing process. Currently supported are MediaWiki, Textile, Confluence, TWiki and TracWiki.

I am also very excited about the recent DITA Open Platform project, which aims to enable Eclipse as a full-fledged DITA authoring and publishing platform. With the capabilities provided by Mylyn WikiText and DITA-op, Eclipse as a platform becomes a compelling cross-platform DITA authoring toolset.

Mylyn WikiText originated from Textile-J, where parsing capabilities evolved to support more than 5 wiki markup languages, conversion of wikitext to DocBook, integrated support for the Ant build system and first-class integration with the Eclipse platform.

Mylyn WikiText is looking for community feedback on wikitext to DITA conversion. Please feel free to contact me directly via email or post a bug or enhancement request to the WikiText component of the Mylyn project.