I’m David Green, passionate about software and how it can make the world a better place.

I’m currently a software development engineer at AWS, working with an exceptional team on AWS messaging products. Previously I was VP of Technology for Ayogo, empowering people to make behavioural changes and become more healthy. Prior to that I was VP of Architecture for Tasktop, connecting the world of software delivery. Some great examples of that are how we connect the supply chain for BMW, and an integrating Slack chatbot.

I believe that through cycling, people can lead happier, more fulfilling lives. My mission is to improve the cycling experience for everyone so that more people want to lead that life. For this I’ve created Epic Ride Weather which provides personalized weather forecasts for any ride.

I’m creator of Mylyn WikiText, a software library and tools for rendering, transforming and manipulating Markdown, CommonMark, Asciidoc, Textile, HTML, Docbook, Dita, and many other forms of rich text.

I work with an incredible team, and love what I do. My languages of choice are Java and JavaScript, but I am happy to take on whatever technologies deliver the greatest business value with the least waste.